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Mattress Buying Mistakes to Watch Out

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With so many online mattresses available and apparently unlimited quantities of information about different mattresses, their materials, construction, benefits, and more available online, buying an online mattress may appear to be a simple decision. However, there are some aspects you may not have considered before limiting down your mattress options or making a mattress purchase.

Leading sleep and mattress experts have put up a list of mattress buying blunders to avoid to aid you through the process.

1. Maintaining your mattress

For starters, they don't think about mattress upkeep. It's a hefty buy when compared to other items. More than that, it's a purchase that will have a significant impact on one-third of your life. It's a critical choice.
You want any purchase like that to endure as long as possible and in as good of condition as possible.

If you're expected to flip and rotate the mattress to keep it in good shape, make sure you can do it by yourself if you're going to be doing it by yourself. It's less of a consideration if you live with others.

Some mattresses are difficult to move on your own due to their size and weight. Even if you're not permitted to turn a specific mattress, this is true. Some mattresses are heavy and bulky and even turning them can be a difficult chore.

2. Don’t fall for sales

“Never buy a mattress because it's on sale if you don't like it. Yes, you can save money, but you'll encounter a lot of difficulties using it in the long term because you didn't like it in the first place.”

3. Read the fine print

I'd say one of the most common mistakes individuals make when purchasing an online mattress is relying on free return policies without carefully reading the fine print. Unfortunately, some websites fail to mention the part of the agreement that indicates the buyer is responsible for returning the mattress if they don't like it.

4. Make your own choice

[One mistake] is making a decision exclusively based on the advice of others. Whether it's a buddy, a salesperson, or a well-known blogger, keep in mind that a mattress that worked brilliantly for someone else could not work for you.

That is why, before purchasing a mattress, you must first examine your body shape and sleeping posture. Just because a salesperson claims that this wonderfully soft mattress is extremely pleasant doesn't imply you'll be able to sleep on it.

5. Do your research

The most common mistake people make when looking for a mattress is not completing their homework first. To locate something that will work for you, you must first comprehend the fundamental differences between mattress types.

You should also consider your favorite (frequent) sleeping position, body type, and your partner's demands while selecting a mattress.

That is why mattress shopping necessitates investigation. And, yes, figuring out what you require may take some time (for instance, back, side, and stomach sleepers all require different comfort and support levels). However, if you learn more about mattresses, finding exactly what you need will be much easier.

6. Buy the right size

“The most common mistake people make is purchasing items that are too small. Purchasing a mattress is similar to purchasing a boot for me. They believe you should get boots one size larger than you think you'll need, similar to how you should buy a bed.

If you're going to invest the money on a new bed and want to keep it for a few years so it may grow with you (and your family), go one size larger than you originally planned.

7. Consider your sleep partner

Think about your partner's comfort if you sleep with them. You'll both be unhappy if one person prefers a firmer mattress and the other prefers a softer mattress. An adjustable bed is a fantastic method to find a happy medium.

8. Pay attention to the firmness 

Most mattress experts recommend a softer mattress for those who are lighter and sleep on their sides, and a firmer mattress for persons who are heavier and need back support.

It's vital to remember that a mattress that's too soft can induce more curvature in the spine, potentially causing problems, while a mattress that's too hard could bring joint and muscle aches.


Purchasing a new mattress and determining what works best for you is a difficult task. During this procedure, there are a few things to keep an eye on. Quality, completing research, and choosing the finest alternative for you based on your personal comfort, not recommendations or evaluations, are some of the most important factors to consider, according to our experts.

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